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Challenging  Automotive Creativity and Style.


What will the magazine feature?

There are a lot of different interest in the community so features will range from Stance to Track or Drift to Classic etc. Honestly whatever build that looks and holds the passion of its driver. There is a different look and shine when a build is built with a passion and not for looks or competition. 

Who can be featured? Do they have to pay?

Anyone can be featured but again the magazine will hold a quality standard of some sort as well as on the look out for a unique feature to spearhead the cover of each issue. Please note we are not actively looking for cars that have thousands or hundreds poured into them. Money spent on the build does not give an advantage of any sort.

No you do not need to pay. Photo shoot and interview will be done by the team. Just be ready to work with the team to be featured as well expect video footage! Local features will be the majority featured but there will be a handful of features consisting of Non-Arizona builds and possibly Non-US.

I’m a photographer, what should I expect?

Your creativity is time and energy which should be compensated appropriately. Each photographer will be paid by Fatal Flaw LLC. The work will be presented upfront and reasonable negotiations can be made.  

Photographers will not be on a wait list or just picked at random. Your work speaks for itself and the magazine will feature work that is flows well but different between each photographer. 

If you are not chosen for this issue, you are encouraged and more than well to apply for the next issue! Each issue will have different photographers to show off their work and creative minds! 

When can I expect to know if my build will be featured or if I am chosen for the media team?

For each issue, after applications open, please allow 4-6 weeks after applications close before receiving a email in regards to the feature or joining the media team. We are a small operation and the amount of applications will be looked over fairly. 

Applications stay open for 2-3 weeks

You will be contacted by email upon first contact.

How can I get my hands on a copy of this project?

There will be a limited amount of physical copies for each issue. These will be on sale once the issue is finalized and  printed! You will find them on

There will be special edition released at the same time! Please keep a look out on the Fatal Flaw social media pages!